The Man Who bet His Life On A Roulette Spin

We all get carried away with an idea sometimes- even if the idea seems outlandish or even impossible to pull off. Well, you’ll like this story of a man who had an idea take ahold of him, and went through with it. You may have heard of him before- Ashley Revell, the man who bet his entire life on a single spin of roulette.

In 2004, a gambling enthusiast Briton Ashley Revell literally turned everything red. As he told the British Telegraph : “It all started in a pub.” In fact, his life-changing use arose from the kind of silly roulette question we all considered when drinking: “Wouldn’t it be great if we went to Las Vegas and bet everything on a spin?”

Most of us enjoy a moment of imagination and reject the idea as obviously ridiculous and far too reckless. Revell enjoyed the imagination, but couldn’t reject the idea. Then he implemented it. The 32-year-old Londoner sold everything he had – including a BMW, golf club, Rolex, and even his cricket sweater. He transferred just over £ 75,000 from the UK to the Plaza Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas.

Accompanied by a camera team from Sky One TV, he flew to America, went to the casino’s roulette table , pushed forward a stack of yellow $ 1,000 chips and switched everything to red. When the roulette wheel turned and the ball moved with him, he experienced Revell “a perfect feeling of freedom”.

Then she landed on number 7 – red! – and his feeling of freedom turned into total euphoria. A bottle of champagne was opened. People jumped for joy and Revell doubled his money! However, he made no further bets beyond that. He was happy with his £ 153,680. Soon afterwards, back in England, Revell went on a motorcycle tour through Europe.

During the trip, he met his wife and soon founded a recruitment company that recruits employees for online gambling companies . As for how he had the courage to do this, Revell told Mirror: “I always felt I would win. I never thought of losing ”.

While most of us may not have the confidence of Revell to bet everything we have on a single spin, but this story could boost one’s confidence in doing something that everyone else, and even ourselves, think is impossible.